How to Make Your Dream Engagement Rings

When people come to us looking to find their dream engagement ring, we know that we need to create a heirloom piece worthy of being passed down through generations to come. That’s why when it comes to custom engagement rings ours are world class.

When this beautiful young couple came to MKB to buy their dream engagement ring, we instantly knew we could buy it from a vendor and have it here the next day.
Only, well, there aren’t a lot of designers out there who make their rings using true Belgian ideal cut diamonds – diamonds where each facet of each stone is expertly matched to provide maximum fire and brilliance.
And, okay, there aren’t many jewelry designers out there using a special alloy of white gold that keeps its lustrous white hue, preventing the need for routine rhodium plating.

Come to think of it, there isn’t a single ring on the shelf that was carefully crafted to the exact dimensions of the diamond your family passed down to you; ensuring that it fits just right, and is protected for the next generation to one day enjoy.
Of course, for all of this careful attention to detail and one on one time meeting with our expert design team, you would expect to pay some sort of premium…
But at MKB, we like to beat your expectations.

Come to us to make your dream custom engagement ring, and we’ll make it an easy and stress free process. It all starts with you, so imagine your dream custom piece, gather your thoughts and ideas and then give us a call to schedule your no-obligation consultation. Our consultations are meant to be fun and stress free – we want to learn about you and your partner so we can understand you style and personal tastes. Share with us your ideas, timeline, and budget so that we can get started. Usually you want to have at least three weeks timeline to ensure we can have it done on time, however, if for some reason you need it sooner call us and we can see what we can do for you.

You can order a ring anywhere. Or you could get the perfect ring, custom made, and tailored to your budget at MKB Jewelry.

Engagement Ring Process