The Devil in the Details

Melee is the terms for smaller accent diamonds, typically too small for lab certification. Many jewelers will skimp when it comes to these smaller sizes, assuming it’s too little to matter. Some jewelers even use single cuts, which are cut with fewer facets to save on cost, and therefore have very poor sparkle.

MKB Jewelry uses Hearts & Arrows ideal cut diamond melee, and chooses each diamond based on its color, and clarity. That means even the melee is the crème de la crème – meticulously cut from superior quality diamonds, and living up to the same quality standards we expect in a larger diamond.

While some jewelers might tell you that the quality doesn’t matter as much for such small stones, we beg to differ! The human eye may not be able to pick out individual inclusions or small cut differences at this scale, but our minds are naturally inclined to appreciate the symmetry, and the more consistent sparkle.

Even the smallest inclusion or a slightly disproportionate facet in the tiniest of stones can result in what we call a “dead stone.” Our goal is to create a piece of jewelry that is full of life and brilliance, a cherished piece that will delight you with its sparkle for many years to come.

There is simply no better way to cut a diamond than a Hearts & Arrows. Each stone is a precision-cut masterpiece that is truly a cut above the rest.

A Cut Above the Rest

Diamonds are like little prisms, and how they interact with the light (how they sparkle) is directly tied to the way in which they are cut. The American Gemological Society lists 10 cut grades, ranging from 10 “poor” to 0 “ideal.” A Hearts and Arrows cut diamond takes this a step further, dealing only with “Super Ideal” cut grades. These are the finest, most precisely cut diamonds on earth: Delivering maximum brilliance and fire.

MKB Jewelry hand selects Hearts & Arrows cut diamonds for every individual piece we make to ensure that your jewelry has the maximum fire and brilliance possible.

You can see it for yourself! If you look closely under magnification, each diamond reveals facets that form the shapes of tiny hearts and arrows, indicating the perfect symetry and beautiful proportions.

The MKB Jewelry Difference

Working with MKB Jewelry is a smart decision. You will receive personal and dedicated customer service, and you can be assured of superior quality and value in every way. Here are just a few of the reasons MKB is your number one choice for diamond and gold jewelry.

The Finest Metals


Say Goodbye to Plating

You’ve probably heard that white gold changes color over time, and requires routine “rhodium plating” to maintain a bright shine. Most jewelers will ask you to come in regularly to have this done, and many even charge you for this service.

At MKB, we use specially developed 14 karat and 18 karat white gold alloys that don’t require any plating. Our gold stays white – saving you time and money, and ensuring that your jewelry always its best!

You shouldn’t have to pay more for something temporary. We build our jewelry to last, and that means that our white gold delivers a beautiful, luminous white color that lasts as well.

The Spice of Life

We’re proud of our white gold, but that doesn’t mean it’s all we do.

MKB Jewelry works in over a dozen precious metals. Whether you’re looking for classics like vibrant yellow gold, and pure white platinum; or something a little different like the warmth of rose gold, or the boldness of green gold; we are here to help.

Hearts and Arrows Cut Diamonds

Masters of Our Craft

French-Set Rings

French-setting is a technique that allows each diamond to be held safely in place using less visible metal, and more brilliance and light reflection.

Where traditional prongs are shared between two or more diamonds, French-setting allows each diamond to have four individual prongs, more than doubling the security and durability while still reducing the heaviness of the ring.

We French-set most of our diamond engagement pieces because, in our opinion, it is absolutely stunning in every way.

The MKB Jewelry Difference

While other jewelers default to more simple setting styles and charge a premium for advanced techniques like French cuts and proper channels, at MKB Jewelry doing it the right way is our standard.

Our engagement rings have been known to dazzle the senses, and we believe you deserve to be dazzled!

No matter what style you choose, our goal is to provide you with the most breathtakingly beautiful piece of jewelry you can imagine, and we want to make sure you are absolutely thrilled with the result.

Every custom piece that we create is made to your exacting specifications, ensuring that your one-of-a-kind ring is as stunning as you are.

Reach out today to set up your custom jewelry consultation.